Sunday, September 21, 2008

Did you say FREE!!!

That's right! FREE!!! On Monday and Tuesday of this week Tawd will be setting up in front of Huntington Bank near the OSU campus for back-to-school week. On Monday it will be the 17th and High location and on Tuesday it will be the South Campus Gateway location (we might even be able to push the cart from our house for that one!). The first 100 customers each day will get a free hot dog courtesy of the good folks at Huntington. Sorry toppings fans, ketchup and mustard only on Huntington days. It's not like they're made of money... Oh, wait...
But how cool is Huntington for getting Rad Dog! instead of meat dog? You go, Huntington!

1 comment:

Ad-Rock said...

Darn, missed free dogs! :)
I missed you down at High and Gay, guess I'll have to make the trip down again tomorrow and get some good eats!