Friday, December 3, 2010

Holidayville and Holiday Hop!

We have 2 events this weekend: Clintonville's Holidayville in front of Pattycake Bakery and Holiday Hop in the Short North at the Grand Opening of Paradise Garage's new space.

Holidayville will have over 40 Clintonville stores opening their doors to you to promote shopping local. Also a free, historical trolley service! Who doesn't want to ride in a trolley? We will be set up in Pattycake Bakery's parking lot for Lunch!

If you can't make it to Holidayville and you still want your Rad Dog fix. We will be at the Short North's Holiday Hop in the evening from 6:00 pm to late to celebrate Paradise Garage's Grand Opening! We will be set up in there parking lot on 921 N. High Street! Come and have dinner and check out their new space then catch some of their awesome sales. Also, enter for your chance to win a Masi Soulville Bike!

Hope to see you there!
Sarah + Rad Dog

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Well, everyone, it's happened; Two of Columbus' radest small businesses have joined forces. . . Pattycake Bakery has adopted Rad Dog into their little family! I know, right? I've been the owner/ opperator of Rd for almost three years now and with some personal changes and the realization that I like being part of a business family I decided to put this little puppy up for sale. I happened to mention it to my good friend Jennie and all the lights went on. We knew that a Rad Dog/Pattycake merger could be nothing but a good thing. So after discussing it with the rest of the Pattycake team, we decided to go for it! Some things will change, some things will stay the same. Be on the lookout for the updates. I'll still be working the cart for the bulk of the vending so you'll still get to see my smiling face. And a few new faces as well.
I just want to say that Columbus has been soooo awesome and supportive to Rad Dog and I hope that continues with Pattycake at the helm. I feel deep, deep appreciation and gratitude for all the people who have made this dream a reality. Rad Dog customers are the best! You guys kick ass! Thanks so much. I'm hoping to help Pattycake take Rad Dog to the next level. And I hope you all come along for the ride. . . it will be interesting!


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Buns in the Oven?

I just wanted to send out a quick post about all the awesome bread that Rad Dog carries on the stand. The staple of our bread arsenal is of course our whole wheat hot dog buns hailing from the one and only Stan Evans Bakery in Grandview. These delicious buns make a great foundation for our tasty hot dogs and sausages! Then we have the pretzel burger buns for the locally made
Luna burgers and introducing the new pretzel hot dog buns! both made by the lovey ladies at Brezel Pretzels! We will be reintroducing the ruben with yet another bread hear in the near future. So keep your eyes peeled for that on.

Thanks for supporting us Columbus,
The league of Extraordinary Rad Dogs

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


That's right Comfest is upon us. So bust out you sandals, sunscreen and body paint and meet us down at Goodale Park! This year they have us at an easy to find locale; right across from the bozo stage. We'll be set up next to Pattycake Bakery. The schedule this year is Friday noon till 11, Saturday noon till 10 and Sunday noon till 8. So come and find us, we got you covered for comfest sustenance.

Team Rad Dog

Monday, June 7, 2010

Some Announcements

First, the bummer, in case anyone out there was confused, Rad Dog IS NO LONGER AT HAL & AL'S BAR. I know there has been some confusion but we decided that the location was a bit out of the way for out regular customers and we're currently looking for a brick and mortar location near north campus or clintonville. And if you or anyone you know wants to invest in a sweet vegan start up, let us know. We're looking for capital to get the Rad Dog restaurant space up and running! In other news, Rad Dog and Paradise Garage have decided to team up to form a cyclocross team for the upcoming fall season! Everyone at Paradise and Rad Dog are super stoked. We hope you can make it out to the races!

See you on the streets,
Team Rad!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

we have Daiya Cheese!!

That's right kids, Rad Dog now carries delicious Daiya Cheese, made with arrow root! This is the vegan cheese that's got everyone talking. Come try it out on a Cowabunga chili dog or my new personal favorite, The Sloppy dog! This ridiculously delicious dog is covered with Rad Dog's very own sloppy joe, stone ground brown mustard, veganaise and a secret stash of Daiya! Holy crap is it good. Happy eating!

The Rad Dog Crew

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Downtown with Scotty!

Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday! (4/20/10) Come on down to Broad and High to see the spectacle that is the Rad Dog hot dog cart! It'll be our first day back downtown this vending season. Keep checking the blog for schedule updates and happenings. Scotty Niemet will be getting his first taste of vending along with Tawd bell. We're super stoked about this year so we hope we'll see you around town.

Eat more plant based foods! For your health, for the environment, for the animals.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


After a long winter hiatus, the Rad Dog cart will be back out on the street in just a matter of days! So keep your eyes on the blog for updates and locations. But if you just can't wait, you can visit us at the Hal and Al's location at 1297 parsons. We're open from 4pm till 1:30am! We also have some other big news that we'll sharing in the days to come. Yes, spring is finally here!