Monday, September 29, 2008

Holy Effing Ess!

Daaaaaaang there's a lot of stuff coming up! Check out the side bar action for a crazy amount of amazing, upcoming events. It's about time to talk with Hermione about borrowing that time turner so's we can fit in things like sleeping and doing laundry.
It's been a while since I've posted, so I just wanted to give shout outs to both Independent's Day and Urban Scrawl. Super fantastic events and seriously fun times. Thanks a TON to all of the organizers!
While I'm shouting out, I want to acknowledge one of the most amazing new stores in Columbus, AmyD's. I'm working there on Fridays from 12-1:30 and Saturdays from 11-7, so after finding Tawd and getting your faux dog fix, come see me and BUY COOL HANDMADE CLOTHES!!!
Peace, love, and wieners,

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Did you say FREE!!!

That's right! FREE!!! On Monday and Tuesday of this week Tawd will be setting up in front of Huntington Bank near the OSU campus for back-to-school week. On Monday it will be the 17th and High location and on Tuesday it will be the South Campus Gateway location (we might even be able to push the cart from our house for that one!). The first 100 customers each day will get a free hot dog courtesy of the good folks at Huntington. Sorry toppings fans, ketchup and mustard only on Huntington days. It's not like they're made of money... Oh, wait...
But how cool is Huntington for getting Rad Dog! instead of meat dog? You go, Huntington!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Day Two, Coming UP!!!

Via Colori was so much fun yesterday. We got to set up next to two new BFF's from Liberte Crepes (unfortunately they won't be there today) and see lots of old friends as well. If you haven't gotten a chance to see the amazing sidewalk art, come on down, take a look, and have some LUNCH!!!

Remember, Tawd won't be downtown tomorrow due to his long weekend, but he'll be at the regular spot from Tuesday through Friday.

Thanks! Wieners!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Coming Soon!!!

The Reuben Dog! Kielbasa, sauerkraut, grilled onions, home-made thousand island dressing on rye! OMG! Why didn't we think of this sooner? We'll get our supplies together and hopefully launch it by Via Colori!

Don't forget, this Saturday is Pattycake Day!

Here's the contest quiz (winner gets a free lunch on Pattycake Day only, don't reply if you can't make it!)...
FAMOUS VEGANS...If you've been watching certain news threads, this one should be easy.
Who said... "I don't like to associate with meat eaters at all, so I don't like to be with them in restaurants. So I'd rather be in a vegan restaurant."
I hate controversy, so I don't think I could ever say something so "in your face", but this is a person (hint) who's been around for a while, and he/she looks like he/she could totally kick an ass if he/she needed to. Oh, and think "Ohio".
Be the first to respond correctly in the comments section, and lunch is on us!