Monday, June 29, 2009

Rad puppy

I'm getting some help! My friend and fellow vegan, Michael McCoskey, will be manning the Rad Dog stand on my days off or on days we have more than one vending opportunity. Tomorrow will be his first solo day out, so go gentle on him. He's was sooo much help at Comfest and it'll be good to have the help over the summer. And speaking of Comfest, I wanted to thank everyone who came out and supported us this past weekend! It was really amazing. I hope everyone had a fun and safe time.

So, Michael will be downtown this Tuesday and Wednesday and I'll be out the rest of the week. See you all then!



Anonymous said...

I came to Comfest on Sunday specifically for a Rad Dog dinner!

On to business: I was told by Sharon that she would share her chili recipe with me if I posted a comment and reminded her. If that's still true, pleeeeease email it to THANK YOU!!! :-P

Sara said...

Hey there! I'm a friend of your (now old) roomie megan. I met you and your lovely wife at karaoke once. Anyhoo, I finally had my first Rad Dog Hot Dog at comfest...and it was deeelicious! I will be hunting you down again soon for sure! take care :)


Amarand said...

Hey there!

We (Sean, Krista and Nicole) visited you today at High and Broad and LOVED your food. Of course, you knew that, because we told you while we talked about the wonderment that is eating veggies. I'm glad we each got something different and shared, because there are so many different tastes available. New Luna Burger was out of the world!

See you soon....


P.S. Happy to see you have PPK listed in your links! <3

FIDO said...

Hey raddog I can't seem to get an email to you. Any chance you can contact me @ fidofestworthington@gmail ?thanks

Ariel said...

Hello Rad Dog - would you bring your stand to Cincinnati for a Young Professionals vegan environmental event?