Monday, August 11, 2008

The Rad Dog! Menu


Rad Dog! said...

We're hoping to add an item or two in the near future. We're also talking to a couple of vegan cheese companies as well. Stay tuned!!!

Anonymous said...

Sooo... I just had my first dog. I got the Cowabunga. It was AMAZING!!!! I want more! You won't be anywhere this weekend?

Anonymous said...

I am SO thrilled to hear about this! It's a dream come true!!

Kellagh said...

I have yet to HAVE any of your wares, but I love you already!!! As soon as I have some cash, I will hit you up, and often!

Anonymous said...

sheese vegan cheese is amazing i found out about them through cosmo's vegan shoppe it's online

Anonymous said...

For a chili cheese dog I'd recommend Teese from Chicago Soy Dairy. I love Sheese too but it's a better hard cheese and doesn't melt particularly well. Teese is great in chili and on pizza melts, has a good flavor and texture.

Decomprose said...

Looks delish! Wish you were in Phoenix!
You know how you always see hot dog vendors outside Costco and Home Depot? I wonder if there is a spot near one of those where you could set up... A Costco this time of year might be especially high traffic!

Anonymous said...

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